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Thursday, June 14, 2012

NO SEW! 4th of July Tank


plain white T-shirt one size larger than you normally wear (Unless you like them really tight)

pair of scissors

Red and Blue Spray Paint
(It doesn't have to be these actual brands or tints or red and blue. Just make sure you can use it on Fabrics.)

Painters tape or any other type of tape (for the stripes and to use for back side of Stars)

For the stars i just used clip art or you can google stars to find your favorite.

Print and cut out. (I used about 12 Stars for my T-shirt)

Arrange Stars how you like them

Turn stars over and roll up tape to place on back

Place the tape wherever you like for the stripes. They don't have to be perfect!
Take a long strip on painters tape and cut it in half to use along the edge of the stars.
 Take it outside and lay it on a surface that you don't mind getting over spray on. ( I used the garage, Just make sure to remover you car first ;) )

I used paper to put on the inside of the shirt so it doesn't soak through.
Also used paper to cover up the parts i didn't want the other paint on.
Spray one coat and then wait a few hours and do a second. Let it dry over night. Then pull all of the tape off.

I hand washed it the next morning only because I was worried I would get paint on other clothes.

Once you have washed it

Here is a good video I found on how to cut your T-shirt:

Good Luck!

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