Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Last night I got a new toy! Who knew that buying an external flash for my camera would be so exciting. I have a Birthday Party on saturday that I'm shooting and needed a back up just incase i don't have enough natural light. Its December so the weather is getting nasty and i think its supposed to be dark and cloudy all day saturday. Im not completely sure how to use it yet, i have been reading and playing around with it and so far I'm in love ;)

Here's a picture from late last night without any natural light and i have ugly yellow/sage green walls so normally my pictures turn out horrible.

Compared to what it looks like with a regular flash I'm extremely impressed, now if i could just figure out how to properly use it ill be set. 
I signed up for a Photography class that starts January 3rd so I'm hoping eventually they can teach me a few things.
 I booked my 1st WEDDING! I'm nervous but oh so excited at the same time. It will just be my push to get better at photography. I never thought I would crave to learn more about something until i started this. 

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